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LS Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Services in Cardiff

LS Digital helps its customers with the best digital marketing agency strategies used around the world.

We are experts in digital marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

We provide modern SEO service and integrated digital marketing services to help improve your website’s ranking while getting more organic traffic, potential leads and eventually turn them into clients.

Landing Page and Banner Design

Landing page and Banner design We help you design a banner for your ad campaign and closely connect it to the carefully optimised landing page and funnel. A CRO optimised website bring more trafic.

Digital Media Planning

We determine the best strategy for your brand and we also figure out an ideal plan for your brand in the digital environment with sites and publication models appropriate to the targeted audience you want to reach.

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development With the most skilled web developers and designers in the business, LS Digital waits to build your website to be one of the most successful ones, Guranteed results.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Social media can be the most important tool for you to get the right kind of exposure. We can be your effective social media partner. Social media has been hype for the last

Cardiff digital marketing agency

Marketing nowadays is not all about TV commercials and huge billboards. More and more people are using the internet for the past decade, and so increasing the demand for Digital Marketing.

What your local SEO Cardiff does?

The world of business is changing significantly specially after pandemic, smart businesses owner takes the advantage of digital marketing and put their business on the internet race. Who hasn’t moved to online yet they’re really behind and facing marketing challenges! Local SEO is the first step of the new marketing strategies are being developed every day. The Internet has taken over a large part of people’s lives and thus shifting the marketing strategies for both large and small businesses.

It is important that you know the types of digital marketing activities, such as local SEO, social media campaign etc. If you are searching for the best marketing strategies for your business, it’s could be your brick and motor store. Restaurants, takeaways or local shop owner need to take the advantage of Local SEO services Cardiff. If you haven’t started your digital marketing or thinking how to promote your restaurant, or your brick and motor store in social media, LS Digital is the place for you to go.

LS Digital takes responsibility for developing, implementing, and managing your restaurant, takeaway or any local business marketing ideas and trends. We are your eliterestaurant digital marketing agency who works on enhancing your brand awareness within the digital space, driving website traffic, acquiring new leads, improving conversion rates, your level of brand exposure, and in the long run, your business profits.

We are your full-stack digital marketing agency. We aim on providing data-driven solutions to help your brand or business build a stronger online presence and engage with people that matter the most to your business. If you are interested to promote your business on social media, we can help you for sure. The best part is we will work on accommodating our services in your budget, so you do not need to worry about money.

When it comes to formulating digital marketing strategies, LS Digital never fails. We are the ultimate companion for your business! We are the leading CRO expert in UK. Our business coach will help you to achieve your desired goal!


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ls digital Marketing Agency

2021-22 Annual Report

In the previous year, LsDigital successfully managed to help more than 46 clients only from the UK. Now they have become our regular customers. It’s a big success for the LsDigital team.
We receive 100% satisfactory reviews from our clients. No clients are unhappy while working with LSDigital!


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If you looking for the best Digital Services for the fast growth of your network, then you can choose us without any hesitation. Our expertise lies in the digital marketing platform and we successfully completed 106 clients (update 14/03/2022) tasks only from the UK.

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Our Latest Projects

Design Agency

Designed a website for home decoration company. 

Corporate Landing

LsDigital team designed a landing for a corporate company.

Non-Profit Website

We designed a website for a Non-Profit company with SEO.

What our subscribers say about us.

Lester De Silva

CEO & Founder

Ls Digital provided very good service during my process of attaining planning permission for my property. Excellent customer service, professional, and proactively make adjustments to my plan to ensure the application was successful. Thank you. I recommend them to everyone.

What our subscribers say about us.

Daniel Hornshaw

CEO & Founder

Ls Digital helps me to grow my business well. Now my business fully running online by their great service. I am strongly recommended to take their services.

Meet Our CEO

Mr.YasinChowdhuryLayek, CEO, and founder of LS Digital Marketing Agency has started his entrepreneurial journey in his mid-20s. After managing multiple business faced different challenges specially in marketing, spent huge amount of money to promote business on print media.

The print media wasn’t cheap at all and to put your ads on first page of the newspaper it cost lots more money, now a day this same amount of money you can promote on social media the whole calendar month. His fifteen years’ experience managing and promoting his business one things he understands that without proper marketing strategy it’s very difficult to keep up on the race and local SEO is the first step to promote your business online.

Layek Chowdhury saying “I have seen how marketing strategy moved analogue to digital and most old school business owner failed to cope and fallen behind. I attended many training conducted by business in wales and also completed many digital marketing courses, especially the short digital marketing course in Cardiff university.  Now I’m very confident to take your business to the next level.

Yasin Chowdhury Layek

Yasin Choudhury Layek

CEO & Founder

After fifteen years of my traditional business journey and practical marketing experience, I’m on  a mission to help small businesses to reach their potential customers without having to spend a fortune.”

Yasin Chowdhury is a famous business coach and his unique coaching formula will help you to achieve your desired goal.Over the years, LS digital marketing agency helped a huge number of clients with restaurant, takeaway and small business marketing ideas and trends.

LS Digital started with a few employees with only a handful of clients. Now, under Mr. Chowdhury’s supervision and through the hard work of his team, the company has reached the goal of providing and developing consistent and sustainable returns for a huge number of clients.

The LS Digital Media team works day and night to implement all the services a company needs on the Internet quickly and rationally. With its transparent and measurable working principle and performance-oriented works, LS Digital Media Advertising Agency is the best local SEO firm you will find as your restaurant marketing agency in UK.

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