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Content Creation 


As a business owner, you most likely have your days filed with developing strategies on running your business, so much so that you really don’t have the time to manage your social media pages. Things like worrying about follower counts, likes, engagement and other social media terminologies might not particularly be what you want to be doing right not, but that’s fine because we’re right here for you.

Our professional content developers and graphic artists will develop posts that will help engage with your audience and increase the reach of your business on the online landscape.

Improve Engagement

Our social media experts will also help keep track of your audience’s behavior and ensure that they develop lasting relationships that will help drive your business forward. Get your voice heard and develop your niche in the crowded social media space by getting your posts in front of thousands of people on a regular basis.

Keywords research

There are hundreds of keywords for your service-products. The right keywords bring visitors to your website will turn to sale. We work on converting leads to sales with the right keywords.


The term “SEO” stands for Engine Search Engine Optimization. SEO covers the overall efforts to increase the number of sites or pages in the search engines Since a decade, we have been serving as an SEO agency with our experienced team in SEO consultancy.

In particular, our agency provides you with the most economical and lasting way of natural SEO work. SEO is one of the most persistent, cost-effective and most difficult stages of digital marketing. It is permanent because users will continue to visit your site because you will be ranked in search engines even when you don’t allocate advertising budget.

Boost Page Likes

With us, you can be assured that your pages and posts will get hundreds of engagements and visitors. With audience targeting, we’ll ensure that your posts are irrelevant to your clients, thereby ensuring that the people have something to look forward to whenever they come to your social media page.

Maintain your Online reputation

Your online reputation directly affects your brand identity. Our team works relentlessly on maintaining your reputation as a business, by providing the best services. We aim to build a relationship of trust among you and your clients.

Benifits of SEO

Easily get found on Google

Get Google AdWords management from a reliable Google Premier Partner

  • You’ll easily get found by people who need the services you provide
  • We’ll also provide phone calls and enquiry tracking to provide your return on investment
  • To get you started, we’ll provide you with £150 worth of free budget
  • Setup fees are eliminated


Capture a unique audience on Bing

We’re the first Bing Ads Elite Partner in the U.K.

  • Reach an all-new audience with Bing’s 26% market share
  • Our Bing Ads Elite Partner team will be rived, you with all-round support
  • Whether on desktop, mobile or tablet devices, you’ll be noticed on Bing’s first page


Conversion tracking

Track metrics like calls and form-fills with convenience

  • You get a 24/7 interactive dashboard that keeps tabs on your campaign’s performance
  • Check on the number of visits and calls you’ve had… from anywhere you are
  • With call tracking, you can listen to PPC phone calls as well

Conversion to more sales

  • With the SEO work from search engines, they generate more sales percentage of organic incoming visitors, with another narrative the SEO work after the visitor comes buys more products.
  • This is extremely natural because the internet user has come up with a product or service that the user needs by searching in the search engine with his own hands.
  • In short, a visitor who knows what he is looking for.

More session times

  • As a result of the success achieved with SEO work, it is a statistical fact that the visitors who find you on the first page spend more time on your website than the visitors from other channels.
  • Time spent in the site and page circulation time is one of the most important SEO criteria.
  • We recommend site owners to be more sensitive about this.

Retarget any lost visitors

Our remarketing solution will ensure the retention of lost visitors

  • Follow past visitors around the Web with targeted ads
  • Your ads will be visible over millions of websites
  • With retargeting, you have a second shot at conversion

Keyword Research

  • At this stage, the words that have high search volumes related to the sector of your site and that will provide traffic to your site are determined.
  • If you don’t have a lot of site traffic at the beginning of SEO, you should prefer words with low search volume.
  • Remember to note in your keyword analysis if your preferred content includes your site’s content. In this way, we measure the performance of your SEO work.

Organic Traffic Visibility Reporting

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) Reporting is prepared to measure performance and deliver transactions to the customer in the process.

If you want to get the right service from “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) expert, we are waiting for you at LS Digital Media.

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