If you are new in the restaurant marketing business or landed yourself a job in the restaurant marketing agency, you must be wondering about the complicated process that involves restaurant marketing solutions.

At first, a restaurant marketer must know what his job is about. What is the meaning of the word marketer? How do you define the job of a marketer? A marketer is a person whose duties include conducting activities in order to acquire customers. His duties incorporate the identification of the goods and services desired by the consumers, as well as the marketing and advertising of those goods and services on behalf of the company.

Restaurant marketing is becoming more and more challenging for the last few decades. With new challenges, the job of marketing is becoming more laborious. Customers today are not only looking to fill their stomachs but also are interested in the location and decoration of the restaurants. The competition is becoming fierce day by day.

With the advancement of digital technology, the advancement of the restaurant business has been radically transforming. Most restaurants nowadays have been taking advantage of digital media and advertising their business using the latest technology. While some marketers are taking advantage of digital marketing for restaurant advertisement just perfectly, many are still struggling with composing new restaurant marketing strategy.

If you are a restaurant marketer, looking for marketing strategies to help your business grow, you are in the right place. Here are a number of tactics that can keep you up to date with new ideas and information for your new promotional initiative.

1. Add Google Business Reservation Links

As a business operating in the 21st century, you most probably have a Google Business account. Google is the most powerful search engine available today, and your Google Business account must contain your location, website, pictures, etc. Once you have a Google Business account ready, chances are, your business is showing up for many Google searches in your location. Until a few days ago, the only way to do that was to pay for advertising on Google.

Now, Google offers methods to accept online reservations right from the search result. Google allows options to add a link in the field named ‘reservations’ and add that link to the website. This allows users to place reservations effortlessly from the restaurant’s profile.

2. Email Marketing

This one is probably the most common marketing method that almost every restaurant marketer uses. As sending an email newsletter is probably something that all restaurants have already done or have been doing, sending an email once a month will not help your purpose.

But if you know how to use email marketing properly, it is one of the most powerful strategies that you can use. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you will be competing with all the biggest brands of restaurants in your area.

One way you can separate yourself from others is by personalizing the emails based on the specific customer’s history with your business. By using your existing customer data, which you can combine with email automation and create email marketing relating to the experiencing of the customer, rather than just sending the same automated emails to everyone.

3. Coupons and Discount Campaigns

Coupons and discounts are always a great way to attract people to your restaurants. Offer a 10% discount on a popular meal. Hand out buy-one-get-one-free coupons. These are great advertising tactics.

If your business is a high-end restaurant, too many discounts can give customers the wrong idea. They may expect it too often. In that case, occasional festival offers and special menus can do the trick.

4. Focus on Presentation

Social media platforms, especially Instagram is taking over everything nowadays. Making tasty dishes and presenting them in a visually appealing way to take ‘Instagram able pictures’ is another popular trend of marketing.  These glamorous pictures allure customers to the restaurants.

The charming presentation of the food inspires customers to take pictures of the food and post them in social media with extremely popular hashtags and a great way to get more attention from the users. You can use the same dish with fast food pictures to get the audience from various social media platforms.

5. Customer Loyalty

Acquiring customers can be tough, but what is more difficult is to get them to visit your restaurant over and over again. As a restaurant marketer, it is your duty to encourage loyalty through various loyalty programs and reward schemes. You can team up with an app or provide the whole service in house. If your restaurant is a high end, you can offer free dessert and offer membership to loyal customers. These will encourage customers to come back to your restaurant and also there is a chance they will invite their friends.

6. Restaurant SEO

In this age, the first thing people do when they need something is search for it in Google or other search engines. Google has the answer to everything, so people rely most on its knowledge. Imagine someone searching for an Indian restaurant in your area, and you are marketing for your own restaurant; you would want it to appear in the first search result page. This is where SEO marketing comes.

A modern restaurant marketing solution incorporates SEO marketing in its plan to consider how your restaurant will appear in search engines like Google.

7. SMS Marketing

SMS has a very high open rate, which is good news for marketing. Although the click rate is low for SMS marketing, using the right content for SMS marketing can be of great help. You can promote your discount offers through SMS, and remind your customers about new offers and menus so that people get excited to visit. Another great option is to invest in social events and encourage people to eat in their restaurant after attending the events.

The most important factor here is to target users’ rights. An otherwise excessive amount of SMSs can annoy the customers.

8. Offering Online Delivery

An excellent way to win the heart of your customers is to offer them impressive customer service. What great way there is than offering friendly customer service to the customers? Hospitable user experience can be offered by food delivery services, using third party delivery apps, or in house delivery person.

9. Show Off Your Menu

The first and the most major thing customers care about your restaurant is the food. The more upscale things the diners are interested in are the ingredients using which these foods are made of.

Showing off the quality of your ingredients on the front page of your website during social media campaigns will create an interest in the potential diners about the taste of our recipes and will build trust.

10. Encourage Online Reviews

Online reviews can go to both good and bad ways. Genuine organic customers will write reviews as per your service. The better your service is, the better reviews you will get. Although bad reviews can sometimes cause harm to your business, you can always fix it by apologizing to the customer for the inconvenience and with a promise to fix the issues that have bothered them. It will not only promote your restaurant but also show your professionalism and sincerity towards your business.

The job of a restaurant marketer is not an easy one. He has to take care of every little thing that may have a connection with the reputation of the business. But, if you follow the simple tactics mentioned above, you will be able to get the attention of hungry customers from your locality.