Restaurant on Social Media: Social Media is a major platform for increasing awareness of your restaurant. Including social media to your promotional plan. Which will create greater interaction with your restaurant? And attract more customers to your entrance.

If you’re a restaurant owner, then you might be thinking “How do I promote my restaurant on Social Media?”. In this article, we’ll bring you ways to promote your social media restaurant. We recommend you to create a calendar for social media strategy. To become an integrated daily task.

You can’t afford to neglect social media. The Pew Research Centre found last September that 52% of adults who now use two or more social media sites. Reflects a substantial increase over the past two years. This statistic shows that social media is crucial to targeting large numbers of people. And at a low cost to your bottom line in general.

To advertise your restaurants. It is important to understand the related social media platforms. Let’s think about networks and ways to use them to advertise the restaurant. And marketing strategies to attract customers.

1# Make a Facebook Fan Page:

You definitely need your restaurant’s Facebook page. A recent study found that Facebook is the most popular platform for social media.

Carefully build your company profile on Facebook. You have 851*351 pixels in your timeline photo to advertise your restaurant free of charge. Bring your brand identity across all your social media. So that users can easily recognize you. Include a video or image with your message while posting on Facebook. Images and videos are catching their attention. Get to learn the various posting methods. Use the scheduling feature to build your posts for the week.

Consistency is the most important thing for your Facebook restaurant. Listen to your users ‘ needs. Be cautious about too much self-promotion. Give useful information to your followers, share tips, offer discounts and special promotions.

2# Use Twitter:

Twitter is practically a micro-blogging site, the second most popular platform. You’re limited to tweets of 140 characters.

For short messages such as daily meal deals, promotions, and changes. Fun facts and photos, and more. Twitter is great. Include links to menu items from your website.

If you build posts that your followers like on Twitter. They will re-tweet them to allow you to reach an even wider audience. Add hashtags to your posts; for other social media platforms, this is also good to remember. Here’s a hashtag example: # lovepizza.

3# Promote Check-Ins: Foursquare

As a mobile application. Foursquare is at its finest empowering people to “check-in” points on their smartphones.

Earn your Foursquare company page so you can see who is “checking in” at your restaurant in real time. Offer a special offer with check-in individuals. Many restaurants, when checking in with coupons and other promotions. Reward these loyal diners.

4# Create Blogs:

Stepping into the world of blogging can be overwhelming. But it has many great advantages for your restaurant.

Search engines such as fresh content on the internet and the blog are the perfect way to do this. Post anything to do with your restaurant. Share information, recipes, videos, preferences of staff and more. Link your posts to all your networks on social media.

5# Have a listing on Yelp:

Yelp is a forum where people post restaurant reviews. And read reviews from your restaurant. If you do not have a Yelp page yet. Please claim it by uploading descriptions of your company to prove that you are the operator.

You may respond to feedback and engage in ads if you choose after you have claimed your account. Don’t forget to add pictures of value.

Furthermore, users can connect their Yelp and Foursquare accounts. It allows their Foursquare check-ins to appear on Yelp. It’s important to assert your Yelp page as it assists with your local search marketing.

6# Showcase YouTube videos:

For your company, make a YouTube channel. For your header image, make sure that you use the same branding to suit your homepage and other social media.

What videos are you supposed to share? Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Recipes – create a cooking show of your own.
  • Guest interview – the video testimonial for customers is popular
  • Cooking Ideas
  • Highlights of the chef

When you upload your videos on YouTube, you would see them on your Google+ site. You’re going to have to share them on all your other social networks. Upload them anywhere your post can get included. This visual contact will certainly increase exposure.

7# Use Instagram to upload and promote

Instagram is the perfect place to share pictures of your menu and restaurant. This works in conjunction with Instagram so that the photos are viewed on both sites.

Photographs of high quality are a must. Step one step further with the menu images. Invite consumers to share their favourite items. It helps build your photo menu while strengthening your dedication.


To come to a conclusion. After pointing out all these useful ways to promote your Restaurant on social media. This would easily help you with that. And help on how to bring in more customers to a new restaurant.